Thursday, December 17, 2009

Was it good for you? Because I found it a bit lacking ... SYTYCD Season 6 wrap-up

I'm going to start this entry by being 100 percent honest, I barely watched this season of So You Think You Can Dance. And I have no regrets.

From what I've seen through my fast-forwarding of this season's episodes on my trusty DVR, the show has lost some of its authenticity. Not to take ANYTHING away from the dancers who are gifted, and talented and bursting with personality but the essence of the show seems to have floundered a lot this season.

This was the first attempt at a fall season for the show with five previous summer seasons that were filled to point of explosion with dynamic choreography, touching moments and more dance than one could hope for. But this season's finale episode last night summed it up.

With three musical performances, Leona Lewis, Mary J. Blige and even Jennifer Lopez (hello this is a DANCE show) and a top 6 rather than their traditional top 4 dancers the feeling of forced positivity shone bright on the Kodak Theater stage. I must say, to begin with the move the show took from the intimate studio stage setting that fans have grown to adore over the past 5 seasons to the immense "above seating" feeling of this theater has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Seeing as I'm being honest I'm also going to admit I have not seen ALL of the dances this season, but every time I tune in whether it's a Sonya funky jazz piece, one of Tyce's contemporary pieces, or a newbie's Afrojazz piece (one of the only highlights) the choreography has taken a backseat. With the absence of Mia Michaels' genius, one could accept lackluster movement but the dance pieces were either overly conceptualized to the point of being too theatrical, or they had no real story behind the movement. It's as if the SYTYCD world lost inspiration for a few months, which is a sad, sad event.

Nothing stands out to me about this season, not a single dancer, not a single song, not one piece of choreography. It's disappointing that seasons has failed us after five years of a show that has truly brought dance to the forefront of entertainment and solidified what myself and many, many others have known, that dance is not only a wonderful art form, but a vital one too. I'm sure that Season 6 Tour Sales will show what the fans are feeling, lackluster.

Maybe they just had an off-season. I'll give them that because I know I've had off days, off weeks, hell probably a few off-months in my 23 years of dance, love and life. But I truly hope they take a hard look at the past season and instill some of the simplistic authenticity back into the show because so many changes all at once has shaken my SYTYCD beliefs and fan-aticism to its core.

The search for Season 7 begins this January 2010 in NYC and Miami ... let's hold our breath and hope for the best!

Monday, December 7, 2009

No Limits Dance Crew Winter Show

Blackman Auditorium gets another dose of Northeastern University dance and choreography talent at this Saturday's 3pm and 8pm No Limits Dance Crew Winter Shows. Tickets are free with an NU ID and $5 for general admission. Some styles you can look forward to seeing include Bollywood, Bellydance, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pointe, Tap and more. Come support your favorite NLDC dancer, and the entire Northeastern University dance community this Saturday!

NUDANCO 7th Annual Winter Showcase

I attended last night's NUDANCO show at Northeastern's Blackman Auditorium and was treated to a fun-filled 11-piece showing of some of Northeastern University's most talented dancers. With two hip hops pieces and a sick, stunningly impressive tap piece sans music, the lyrical-heavy show was very entertaining. Kudos to the gorgeous talent! It was great to attend the show of a company that has been around almost a complete decade and has pioneered dance organizations at Northeastern.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Bellydance Fusion Class by yours truly!

I'm extremely excited and proud to announce I will be teaching a brand-new Bellydance Fusion class at Life in Synergy beginning this Friday October 16, 2009 from 7-8pm.

What is fused with Bellydance you might ask yourself? Think a little hip-hop, a touch of salsa, some pop moves, melded for a fun, upbeat, amazing workout for the whole body that tones while you shake and groove and shimmy your cares away.

To learn more about this class, other great classes at Life in Synergy and to sign up for my class, head here!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boston is waking up early to get in shape!

While I rode along quietly on an earlier commuter rail than usual, I was excited at the return of one of the happiest things on earth: morning Ballet Booty class at Life in Synergy.

Life in Synergy is more than a studio, it's an upbeat, health-conscious, fun lifestyle based on exercise that is stimulating to both mind and body. Ballet Booty's am time-slot has been absent for a few months, much to my dismay. The 7:30-8:30 am class was the PERFECT time slot to get in an amazing total-body pilates and ballet workout right before work. It starts the day off right, filled with endorphins and happy energy flowing through me.

With a slew of brand-new morning offerings, it's easy to see why this morning's SFM Lean Legs Express was almost completely packed.

I couldn't be happier with all the new morning offerings in addition to great classes already in existence like Lauren's high-energy Tuesday night Zumba that is always at capacity and SFM Abs and Arms taught by owner and health-guru Helena Collins which books months, and I mean literally MONTHS, in advance.

Check out a class guys, first one is free :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


So I must say I was duly impressed with my friend Kara's ability to get the best seats I've ever had for a SYTYCD Tour. Out of five seasons with four tours, I've been privileged to attend three. And this past Tuesday's Season 5 Tour was incredibly entertaining, if not completely predictable. Predictability being a Fox standard.

The show featured the top 10 dancers, as well as the two dancers who were kicked off immediately prior to the top 10 announcement Philip and Caitlin. With many fun group numbers including Episode 19's "One" an entertaining glitter-filled homage to "A Chorus Line" one of THE most seminal musicals in dance history.

Each genre was represented, from Broadway routines to disco, latin ballroom to contemporary. Some of the crowd favorites had to be Sonya Tayeh's "Eyes on Fire" routine performed by Kapuono and Kayla as well as Mia Michaels' "Gravity" also performed by the K-duo. And of course, the timeless and emotional "This Woman's Work" piece choreographed by Tyce Diorio and performed by "

Each of the top 10 performed a solo, along with Philip (which really was a crying shame for poor Caitlin who performed in many group pieces and a Bollywood piece with dreamy cuter-than-a-puppy Jason). Philip's solo received a standing ovation and his sense of humor and sweet demeanor added so much to the show.

An alarming aspect of the show was the poor writing involved in the skits when two or three dancers came out to introduce the various dances. These people are dancers, physical beings who are incredibly talented. Not actors and comedians at an awards show who are capable of bringing an audience to tears or side-splitting laughter. Regardless of this tiny fact which took up time that could have been utilized to perform more group pieces and more duets such as Brandon and Kayla's "All I Want," it was mildly entertaining.

Kapuono stole the show when he hammed it up for the crowd with a blatantly self-indulgent and self-aware plug for SYTYCD Fitness DVDs. He was fun and funny and made light of the topic of self-endorsement in an endearing way.

A nagging moment for me that just won't let up in my mind was Jeanine's solo. I had been waiting for this moment, anticipating her turns which effortlessly and in a heavenly way slow to standing. However, Miss Mason hopped the last few turns which was a disappointment. But to let me know that she still had it, she did perform that same turn sequence PERFECTLY during the final group number "Age of Aquarius."

Overall, it was incredible to see these performers exercise their skill live. For some reason it makes it more believable when you see a dancer performing exquisitely and flawlessly live on a stage.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Contemporary Class Link!